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Thank you LHS for your outstanding work

"Not only did my home sell within 3 weeks but the new owners purchased all the furnishings. Thank you LHS for your outstanding work and dedication for meeting my design needs."

Melanie Bossie - Scottsdale, Arizona

A noticeable difference

"Whether you are a Homebuilder, Homeowner or a Realtor looking for an advantage on selling your home, I would recommend seeking the assistance of Luxury Home Staging."

Kevin E. Rosinski - Assistant Vice President - Toll Brothers

It is my pleasure to recommend Sally ODonoghue and Luxury Home Staging

 It is my pleasure to recommend Sally O’Donoghue and Luxury Home Staging.  Sally has been responsible for staging homes at the Toll Brothers communities where I am a Sales Manager. 

When Sally began staging for us, we had over twenty Quick Delivery Homes (specs) available for sale in our Saguaro Estates community.  Initially, our upper management was circumspect about the value of staging.  However, we had two difficult to sell homes which backed major roads which had sat vacant for over a year.  We had tried everything to sell these homes.  Sally staged them and they sold almost instantly.  She has a great eye and I do believe the sales were linked to the staging.  We are happily down to three completed homes. 

Sally not only includes furnishings for the homes, she also includes the extra touches so buyers can envision themselves living in the home.  Our homes available for sale look like our models – at a fraction of the cost.  

When we sold off our initial models, which we paid a noted interior designer hundreds of thousands of dollars for fees and furnishings, we used Sally to work with us on our new model.  The key for us was to have a model home consistent with the way we showcase our homes nationally without the cost normally associated as we knew our time here would be more limited.  Sally completely stepped up to the task and we’ve been delighted.  In fact, many people who have revisited our community after moving into the new model prefer the look and feel of this home to the original!

It is without hesitation that I recommend Sally to anyone looking to create beautiful show homes and boost sales.  If you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.



Carolyn Whitaker


Carolyn Whitaker

Sales Manager

Toll Brothers, Inc.