"Redefining the World of Home Staging"

Thank you LHS for your outstanding work

"Not only did my home sell within 3 weeks but the new owners purchased all the furnishings. Thank you LHS for your outstanding work and dedication for meeting my design needs."

Melanie Bossie - Scottsdale, Arizona

A noticeable difference

"Whether you are a Homebuilder, Homeowner or a Realtor looking for an advantage on selling your home, I would recommend seeking the assistance of Luxury Home Staging."

Kevin E. Rosinski - Assistant Vice President - Toll Brothers

The furniture is gorgeous

I have used LHS to stage four homes. The furniture is gorgeous and I always get comments from other agents that the homes are staged nicer than any other staged homes they have seen. I have interviewed with several other staging companies and LHS was the most reasonably priced and their furniture was the most attractive. Since most of my competitors do not stage their homes this gives my homes a distinct competitive edge over the competition. I have sold every home I have staged with LHS, so I consider the money I spent on staging very well spent. I do credit the fact that the staged homes sold quickly, to the fact that they were staged by LHS. The staged homes look much better, bigger, more inviting, and photograph far better after they are staged. The staged photographs that I use in the MLS, and other advertising produce far more showings than the photos did before the home was staged.

Other things that impress me about LHS is that they are on schedule, very professional, the management is involved, and communicates well and are very likable. LHS's experience in knowing how to professionally handle the contractual end of their transaction is also very important to me. I was also very pleased that LHS let the agent get involved in the type of furniture and accessories the agent would like. I have always been thrilled with the outcome LHS has produced for me.

Another very important reason why I stage homes with LHS has always resolved issues with round rooms, small rooms, or plain rooms that were hurting the homes ability to sell because the buyer can't easily imagine how the furniture could work in that room. LHS shows the buyer how amazing those rooms can be when furnished with their beautiful furniture and creative furniture placement.

Furthermore, LHS has been so careful moving furniture in and out and cleaning up afterwards that none of the home owners have had complaints about damage.

I will continue to use LHS in the future, they are a great tool for selling high end vacant homes. I have also bought many items from LHS for my personal home as their product is exceptional, selection is massive, and their pricing is very reasonable.

Melonie Mielke
Realty Executives